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Great farming requires great product, and great product requires great seed stock. We deliver!

Herb Seeds

From organics to conventional, we carry hundreds of seed varieties.

Nothing is Sweeter than Ripening Fruit

Our fruit seeds are pre-choosen for sweetness and consistency, and proven in the fields of our partners and satisfied customers.

A Dedication to Organic Crops
and a Commitment to Those Who Plant Them

At Snow Seed & Supplies Inc. our focus on sharing information has helped growers enhance and improve their production of field crops, cover crops and vine crops for more than 25 years. While we strive to provide all farmers with quality seed, our main focus is that of the Organic farmer. We are CCOF Certified Organic handler’s in both seed and vegetable transplants as we believe that this facilitates our farmer’s efforts to comply with the continuously changing environment. We are continuously focused on expanding our collective knowledge by engaging in trials, research, and farmer feedback in order to be a powerful tool to the community each and every season.

With Snow Seed & Supplies Inc., you know that we’re working to grow a better agriculture and horticulture industry—starting with the seeds.


With over 1000 seeds available, we provide the best of all possible organic, conventional and non-GMO varieties.


To better support your early farming efforts, we provide seed stock supplies and other miscellaneous products.


Using starts from premium seeds mean you get a jump on your grow cycle and are guaranteed results that exceed expectations.

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