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At Snow Seed & Supplies Inc., we believe that farmers require a reliable seed provider that can not only connect with them, but that is able to proactively assist them in researching varieties before they take the leap. While we have proudly served California for several decades, we began a new journey earlier this year under new ownership. 2017 will be a year of reorganization and new endeavours for us in which we will focus on expanding our supplies selection, as well as begin to provide farmers with transplants. We believe that by expanding our operations into these areas we will be able to improve our customers chance at success. Being that we are specifically targeting the Organic farming community we are “CCOF Certified Organic Handlers”, which allows us to package & distribute seed for organic production. Despite the fact that a very low percentage of organic seeds exists in the market, we work hard to maintain a selection of organic production seeds and continuously search for new organic suppliers.


1147 Madison Lane
Salinas, California 93907
Tel (831) 758-9869
Fax (831) 757-4550


Noel Ledesma


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Noel Ledesma